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The open educational resources model, including text-books, has emerged as a response to rising text prices, a need for greater access to high-quality learning materials, the proliferation of e-reader devices, and a trend in publishing toward electronic media.Open textbooks avoid the all-or-nothing approach of traditional copyright—under which copyright holders retain all rights to their work—instead being released under an open license that allows copyright holders to specify which uses they allow. For example, using an open license, a copyright holder could allow reproduction and reuse of a text in its entirety but not for commercial purposes. Alternatively, an open textbook could be completely open, with no restrictions, or copyright holders might reserve only the right of attribution so that their names remain associated with their work. A range of licensing options, including Creative Commons, are available for open textbooks, or copyright holders may craft their own unique open licensing language. (Source: Educause)

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Opentext Resources can be embedded in Blackboard in various formats, as well as be modified or enhanced. If you have questions about using Opentext or Open Education Resources in Blackboard see Doug or Linda at the Office of Instructional Technology (701-858-3280 or 3832).

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