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Be seen. Be heard.

Dakota Chamber Music

High School Program

June 17-23, 2018

Application Deadlines
• Early Application deadline of February 26, 2018 ($25 off tuition)
• Application deadline of April 6, 2018.
• Late applications may be accepted based upon instrument need or space availability

Online Application Form:

High School Program only High School Program plus Add-on session*

*Add-on session is based upon availability for an additional fee of $200, plus housing for two nights ($20 per night)

Each member of a pre-formed group must submit an individual recording (or complete a live audition) as part of their application.

  Jr. High student   HS student

  Individual   Group

Recorded Audition
Send a video recording or link to

Pre-Formed Ensembles

  • 4-6 minutes total chosen from two contrasting works that best demonstrate the abilities of each ensemble member.


    • 4-5 minutes solo & 3-octave scale
    • Choose a solo that best represents your current playing level and musicianship.
    • Scale should be done twice: slow, with full bows for tone and vibrato, and fast, for left-hand facility and off-string stroke demonstration.
    • Pianists should include 4-5 minutes from two contrasting works or movements which demonstrate their performance level.
Woodwinds & Brass
    • Choose a solo that best represents your current playing level and musicianship
    • Choose an etude that is contrasting in character from your solo
    • Play your concert Bb, F, and chromatic scales in slurred eighth notes with the quarter note at 180 beats per minute throughout the full range of the horn.

Live Audition
Faculty will be available to schedule live auditions via Facetime and or Skype. Individual arrangements can be made once we receive your application, or contact Erik Anderson directly at