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Dakota Chamber Music

Adult Workshop, Retreat, and Add-on Session

Adult Workshop (June 17-23, 2018)
Adult Retreat (June 15-17, 2018)
Add-on Session (June 15-17, 2018)

Applications Deadlines
• Early Application deadline of February 26, 2018 ($25 off tuition)
• Application deadline of April 6, 2018.
• Late applications may be accepted based upon instrument need or space availability

Online Application Form:

Adult Workshop only
Adult Workshop plus Add-on session*
Adult Retreat

* Add-on session is based upon availability for an additional fee of $200, plus housing for two nights

Must be filled out by each member of a pre-formed group.

  College Student   Adult

I do not want graduate credit I would like 2 credits ($100) I would like 1 credit ($50)


attended DCM in at least one of the past three summers--no audition necessary
not attended DCM in any of the past three summers--please see audition information below

Participant Survey
All participants should:

  • be currently playing and/or actively practicing
  • be able to read music with ease
  • have played for at least four years or more

I am best described as:

Recorded Audition
Send a video recording or link to

Live Audition
Faculty will be available to schedule live auditions via Facetime and or Skype. Individual arrangements can be made once we receive your application, or contact Erik Anderson directly at