27th Annual Workshop for Strings, Winds, and Piano

Offering overlapping two-day and six-day programs hosted by Luminus and Charlie Young, and featuring guest artists, members of the Beo string quartet.

DCM 2023: Friday, June 16 through Thursday, June 22

We are excited to be able to offer an opportunity for live chamber music this summer, but fully realize the responsibility for keeping our musicians safe. Read below an initial list of guidelines for rehearsal, moving around the campus, and gathering as a large group. At any point these are subject to change, including a full cancellation of DCM, based upon the latest information about COVID-19.

Friday, June 16 5-6:30pm Registration, lobby of Old Main
  7-8:30pm Opening session, including review of health precautions
Saturday, June 17 9am-6pm Rehearsal and other activities
7pm Faculty Concert, Ann Nicole Nelson Hall
Sunday, June 18 10am-3pm Rehearsal and other activities
  4pm Two-day program final concert (streamed)
Monday, June 19 9am-7pm Rehearsal and other activities
Tuesday, June 20 9am-7pm Rehearsal and other activities
7pm Faculty Concert, Northwest Arts Center
Wednesday, June 21 9am-4pm Rehearsal and other activities
7pm Six-day Adult final concert, Ann Nicole Nelson Hall
Thursday, June 22 11:00am Dorm checkout for Grades 7-12
  11:30am Six-day Grades 7-12 final concert, Ann Nicole Nelson Hall (streamed)

Tuition and Costs

Tuition: Two-day session: $215 + meals/housing
Tuition: Six-day session: Adults $420 + meals/housing, Grades 7-12 $490 (includes housing)

Continuing Education credit: 1-2 credits @ $50 per credit

Scholarships available, applications upon request

Housing: Dorm housing should be available on campus for adults at the rates of $30 per night for a single and $18 per night/per person for double occupancy.

Food during DCM: On campus options will likely be available, and a few meals will be hosted by DCM. More info as the festival approaches and we understand how COVID might continue to impact dining services.

Health and Safety at DCM 2023
Minot State University and Dakota Chamber Music are committed to slowing the spread of COVID-19, and first and foremost will honor all state and university policies that govern the circumstances under which we may safely gather.

Luminus and Beo

Dakota Chamber Music

Now in its third decade, Dakota Chamber Music continues its great tradition of making chamber music come alive each June. At DCM, Luminus, guest faculty and participants work together to understand and communicate in the language of music. Faculty model and coach curiosity about history and theory, creative solutions to rhythmic, technical, and interpretation problems, and how to breathe life back in to the black and white notation, lying dormant on the page.

Among the most compelling aspects of DCM, faculty present daily sessions on their own music (for the Faculty Concert) demonstrating practice and rehearsal techniques, their own problems and solutions to technical and musical problems, and helping the participants relate to the context, construction and meaning of the work(s).

All music-making at DCM is a shared experience, for faculty and participants: the end results are driven by a community.

  • DCM accepts applications from both pre-formed ensembles and individuals; individuals will be placed into ensembles by age and experience.
  • Participants will enjoy daily rehearsals, coaching sessions, and masterclasses throughout DCM, working toward their concluding performance.
  • All rehearsals and performances will take place in Minot State University’s state-of-the-art facilities and Ann Nicole Nelson Hall, one of the finest acoustic spaces in the upper Midwest.
  • University Credit (1-2 Grad Semester Hours) is available to all adult participants.