HLC Assurance Team

Linda Cresap, HLC Chair, Professor of Business Information Technology
ShaunAnne Tangney, Professor of English (HLC Co-Chair 2015-16)

Criterion One: Mission
Teresa Loftesnes, Director of Marketing
Tim Morris, Instructor of Math and Computer Science
*Gary Ross, Professor of Business Administration
Dionne Spooner, Assistant Professor of Social Work
Jay Wahlund, Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance

Criterion Two: Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct
Linda Benson, Public Information Specialist
Terry Eckmann, Professor of Teacher Education and Kinesiology
Joseph Jastrzembski, Professor of History
Deb Kinzell, Associate Registrar
*Dan Ringrose, Chair, Social Science and Professor of History
Mindy Rudnick, Accountant

Criterion Three: Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support
Bethany Andreasen, Professor of History
Connie Geyer, Instructor of Nursing
Jolina Miller, Coordinator of Online Programs in Center for Extended Learning
Jean-Francois Mondon, Associate Professor of Foreign Language
Beth Odahlen, Director of the Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning
*John Webster, Associate Professor of Geoscience

Criterion Four: Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement
Melissa Cantone, Transfer Student Specialist in Registrars' Office
Wojciech Cebulak, Professor of Criminal Justice
Linda Olson, Professor of Humanities
Heidi Super, Professor of Biology
*Lori Willoughby, Chair and Professor of Business Information Technology; Assistant Dean of the Graduate School

Criterion Five: Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness
Joe Engler, Assistant Professor of Psychology
*Vicki Michels, Chair and Professor of Addiction Studies, Psychology, and Social Work
Deb Olson, Associate Professor of Psychology
Bryan Schmidt, Associate Professor of Science
Jerry Stai, Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance
Jonelle Watson, Assistant Vice President of Administration and Finance

Federal Compliance
*Rebecca Porter, Registrar
Laurie Weber, Director of Financial Aid
Margaret Sherve, Assistant Professor of English

Evidence Team
Sarah Henderson, Access Services Librarian (2015-16)
Kelly Lichtenberger, Administrative Assistant, Math and Computer Science
Cari Olson, Director of Institutional Research
*Deb Wentz, Executive Assistant to the President
Shan Haarsager, Administrative Assistant, CAS

*denotes team chair