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Office of the President


Welcome to Minot State University's Web site. Whether you are a prospective student, an alumnus, or are simply curious about the university, I invite you to visit this site to explore Minot State University.

Here you will find information about enrolling at the university, campus news and events, Beaver athletics and items of special interest to our alumni.

It is an exciting time at Minot State University. While we are looking ahead to our centennial in 2013, we've been busy improving learning and living on our campus.

Looking ahead to our future graduates
Over the past year and a half, MSU has embarked on a broad-based strategic planning process. At the heart of this effort has been the question, "What do we, as an institution, want our graduates to be known for?"

We believe that you, the MSU graduate of the future, will be known for vision, creativity, compassion, tolerance, character, sound judgment, and commitment to the life of the community and the common good. Confident, insightful and learned, and devoted to life-long learning, you will be well prepared for the future, and capable of realizing positive achievements and accomplishments in career, in life, and in service to others.

The faculty and staff of Minot State University are devoted to helping you become this graduate. We will provide you the opportunity to gain broad and in-depth knowledge and effective critical thinking and communication skills through rigorous study, and strong and engaging learning experiences.

You will be engaged in theory, research, hands-on study, service learning, civic activities, internships, volunteerism, experiential learning activities, and other practices that connect the contemporary classroom with the needs, problems, and experience of civic life and place.

Our purpose is to help you connect, engage, and understand the power of knowledge merging with application. It is, indeed, a potent way to learn, and we look forward to helping you embody the Minot State University graduate of the future.

New ways to help our students get better acclimated
How do we help you become the graduate of the future? One way is to make certain that you get started on the right foot. We have taken steps to do a better job helping our new students become familiar with our university. As a result, we are now asking all of our first-year students to participate in new student orientation activities. This two-day session has proven extremely valuable as a "one-stop opportunity" to learn about our campus, its services, and its procedures. It is also a great chance to meet other students, who like you are new to the MSU experience, and to make new friends.

Another new student service is the Mentoring Program, which has been established to supplement the role of academic advisors. Mentors promote on-campus involvement, provide guidance, and foster personal growth for "mentees." This year about 150 students have been teamed up with 43 faculty and staff mentors, serving nearly one-third of our first-year population. We can't wait until next year when our mentees grow into peer mentors for freshman students.

New friendly spaces for students
As I said earlier, we've been busy improving living on our campus. One of our residence halls for upperclassmen has undergone a $4.7 million remodel to better meet today's housing expectations. Crane Hall is now configured into three-room suites containing a bathroom and two adjacent study/sleeping rooms. A laundry room, lounge and cooking facilities are conveniently located on each floor. Crane Hall joins Lura Manor in offering suite-style living. Be sure to visit both facilities, along with our other residence halls when you tour campus.

When I came to MSU two years ago, one of my first observations was that our Student Union was too quiet. I'm pleased to tell you that a new $1.15 million student activity center opened this fall. The "Beaver Dam" is meeting with student approval and making noise in the Student Union. I stopped by there during a recent Minnesota Twins playoff game and it was packed. The center contains a fireplace, supreme sound system, digital jukebox, plasma big-screen TVs, pool tables, electronic shuffleboard, and a portable dance floor and stage. Made-to-order food items and Starbucks coffee products are available.

Our beautiful Gordon B. Olson library now has a kiosk where students and faculty can purchase coffee and other refreshments when they come to study or do research.

The 3 A's: athletics, arts, and activities
You'll find that we are fond of all things "Beaver." Beaver, you ask? Yes, that pesky, industrious, unauthorized dam-building mammal. The animals were prevalent among the habitat of the scenic, winding Souris River when the school was founded in 1913. Beaver pelts were highly prized for hats and coats and an important commodity in the fur trade that helped establish the Northwest Territory. Out of sheer admiration for their numbers, tenacity, and value, the Beaver mascot was born at Minot State in the 1920s and our university has a proud, successful tradition of Beaver athletics. And when it comes to athletics - pesky, industrious, tenacious and valuable - are great adjectives to apply.

We are a lively intellectual and cultural campus as well. Our faculty and our students seize opportunities to share their talents in the arts and humanities, not only with our campus but throughout the area. Minot State University houses three theaters, two art galleries, and a state-of-the art performance hall. We often host renowned artists, musicians, thinkers, poets, and writers and welcome community and alumni participation at events sponsored by the university.

Our campus is also home to the most current technology, including state-of-the-art computer labs, wireless capabilities, online courses, instructional technology supplementing existing courses, and an Instructional Technology Center (ITC) that provides prompt and friendly support to our students, faculty, and staff.

Student clubs, organizations, and activities also provide vitality. Minot State has over 40 student clubs and organizations representing drama, intramural sports, music, and student government, to name a few. The Student Activities Committee keeps things hopping with regularly scheduled events such as movies, dances, hypnotists, comedians, and concerts.

All of these facets contribute to a stimulating atmosphere for an undergraduate or a graduate student, and the combination of them is what makes a university experience. I urge students to take advantage of all that is offered. It is through your full participation and our commitment to your success that you will come to grow, achieve satisfaction, and truly appreciate life and learning. We look forward to congratulating you on your accomplishment when you cross the stage at commencement exercises and receive your diploma. You will be the MSU graduate of the future.

Please explore or reacquaint yourself with all that is Minot State University - through this Web site and, certainly, through a visit to our campus. We are an invigorating, friendly, and student-centered place, and I invite you to join us.

David Fuller, Ph.D.