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The Office of Instructional Technology (OIT)


The Educause Center for Applied Research reported in 2013 that “online courses are ubiquitous, with 80% of institutions offering at least several courses online and more than half providing a significant number of courses online.”  In the United States, “one in three students take at least one course online (7.1 million in 2013).”1

In today’s higher education classrooms, teaching requires flexibility and a new set of skills to meet the demands of managing instruction using various delivery methods, including the use of online platforms, such as Blackboard. The continued expansion of e-Learning, and its recent merger with the proliferation of mobile technologies, takes teaching out of the classroom to an environment that is even more accurately described as “anywhere or anytime.”

Making the leap to e-Learning has proven to have both opportunities and challenges for the individual instructor and institution. Foremost, online courses require a significant, upfront commitment of training and time. But during the investment, most faculty discover facets of teaching and learning overlooked in their traditional classroom. Instructors also discovered many of the myths they’ve heard about online teaching, are not true.

If you are considering the development of a blended (hybrid), flipped, or first-time online course, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our instructional and media designers, and to review our online training materials, which have been developed from research-based principles for online teaching and learning. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Sherie or Tim.

1 Bichsel, Jacqueline, State of E-Learning in Higher Education: An Eye toward Growth and Increased Access (Research Report), Louisville, CO: EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research, June 2013, available from

Global Symbol for Accessibility You can find the Offices of Instructional Technology in the Administrative Building, room 368 and 356.
Access can be gained by the elevator on the east of the building. The technology training center (sandbox), media lab, and technology loan area in Admin, are in room 356. Faculty and student walk-ins are welcomed. Offices are    wheelchair accessible.

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