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    Faculty Development Session

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    Integrated Online Student Classroom

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The Office of Instructional Technology (OIT)


The Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) welcomes Minot State University students and faculty to our offices for hands-on support and training for Blackboard Learn and related technologies. On-campus faculty and students can find our offices in the Administration Building, rooms 356 and 368.

Our computer training center (sandbox), and media lab and equipment loan room is located in Admin, room 356 and is open Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm or by appointment. Off campus students can contact us by telephone or via e-mail for support. Our offices are served by an elevator on the west end of building, near the Veteran's Center Office.

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Academic Honesty: Think about it ...

The course provides guidance on the implementation of strategies to enhance academic honesty in online courses, as well as the identification and response to academic dishonesty. 

After successfully completing the course, faculty will ...
  1. be able to discuss why students cheat online
  2. be able to outline how students cheat online
  3. be able to outline various methods and strategies to combat academic dishonesty

To register for the Academic Honesty in the Online Environment Course, contact Tim at 701-858-3832 or Sherie at 701-858-3280.

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