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Division of Music

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Dianna Anderson Instructor of Piano, Theory
Dr. Erik Anderson Professor, Low Strings, Theory
Dr. DeVera Bowles Professor, Voice, Opera Scenes
Dr. Kenneth Bowles    Professor, Director of Choral Activities, Voice, Chair
Deanna Carpenter Instructor, High Brass
Dr. Elizabeth Demme Instructor, Flute
Kari Files Instructor, Organ
James Fusik Assistant Professor, Woodwinds
Lukas Graf Assistant Professor, Director of Women's Chorus
Cheryl Kremer Administrative Assistant
Devin Otto Assistant Professor, Director of Bands, Low Brass
Stephanie Otto Instructor, Music Appreciation
Rebecca Petrik Assistant Professor, Music Education
Dr. Jon Rumney Professor, High Strings, Music History, Aural Skills
Briana Schwan Instructor, Functional Piano
Dr. Scott Seaton Assistant Professor, Minot Symphony Orchestra, World Music
Rick Watson Instructor, American Music
Avis Veikley Instructor, Percussion