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Voice and Phone

Informational Guides [pdf]
Voicemail Options Guide - Voice and Touchtone
How to Reset Your Voicemail PIN
How to Turn Off Missed Call Notifications
How to Turn Off Voicemail Preview (Voice to Text)
How to Record a Personal Greeting

How to choose a different ring tone
How to transfer a call
How to make a conference call
How to plug phone in correctly

ShoreTel 230 IP Phone Quick Reference Manual
ShoreTel 230 IP Phone Full Manual
Change Ringtone on ShoreTel 230 IP Phone

Shoretel Communicator Software
Shoretel 230 Telephone

Shoretel Web Access
Web Access is a browser-based interface that allows you to change your call handling mode, speed dials and options from any computer connected to the intranet or internet.
Shoretel Web Access Login
Username: firstname.lastname
Password: Email Password

Shoretel Client Installer (Windows and Mac)
Shoretel Client Server Name:
Username: MISU\firstname.lastname
Password: Email Password

Phone Numbers

Plant Services (during normal business hours) 858-3210
Student Affairs 858-3299
Student Life/Housing 858-3363
Student Development 858-3371
Student Health Center 858-3377
  CP Lura Manor 858-3900
  Cook Hall 858-3700
  Crane Hall 858-3400
  Dakota Hall 858-3500
  McCulloch Hall 858-3600
  Pioneer Hall -
  Campus Heights -
Slatten Center 852-0936

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