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Information Technology Central

Accessing the Campus Wireless Network

Below is a list of available wireless connections across campus. If you need assistance, please stop by with your laptop at IT Central, 108 Old Main.  

Encrypted connections (Preferred as it is more secure)

  • NDUS-Systemwide - Used for all North Dakota University System staff, faculty and students. This wireless network is located across the entire campus. Users login with their campus connection credentials. 

  • eduroam - EDUROAM (education roaming) is a secured wireless network service that allows students, staff, and faculty to use their home institution's wireless credentials to access wireless network services, when visiting other EDUROAM participating institutions, without having to set up a guest account.

    To get connected login with your campus connection userID + (Example: and your campus password. Note that the is not an email address, it is telling the system you are a minot state staff/faculty/student. You may recieve a warning about a certificate, just choose connect anyways as it cannot verify until an internet connection is available. (For Android devices be sure to set "EAP method" to PEAP and the "Phase 2 authentication" to MSCHAPV2)

    If you have problems connecting you may bring your device to Old Main 108 for setup.

    To see a map of participating institutions visit the Eduroam-US website.

Unencrypted connections  

  • Guest@MSU - Used for temporary access for campus visitors. This wireless network is located across the entire campus. Guests will need a pass to connect to this network. Please visit your sponsoring department to request access.  

  • GameConsoles - Used for XBOX,Playstation,Roku,Wii,etc.. This wireless network is located in the campus dormitory's. Please visit to register your device.