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  Minot State / Faculty Senate / Teacher Education Administrative Council
Institutional Committees

Teacher Education Administrative Council

TEAC is the Teacher Education Administrative Committee. The committee is charged with approving policy related to teacher education, program issues related to teacher education, and issues such as admission, probation, retention, as it relates to teacher education. This committee is required to meet accreditation.

Formally it consists of the Teacher Education Unit Head (chair of committee a department/division chair from the College of Arts and Sciences, a department/division chair from the College of Business, the Associate Vice President of Graduate, Online, Distance, and Continuing Education, the chair of the Department of Teacher Education and Kinesiology, the Chair of Special Education, the Director of Teacher Advisement and Field Placement, and the Co-Chair of the Program and Policy Committee.

Lisa Borden-King – Chair
Daniel Ringrose - Chair of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies

Kristi Berg – Chair, Department of Business (through summer 2024)
Dan Conn– Chair, Department of Education and Inclusive Services
Holly Pedersen – Coordinator, Special Education
Kathy Hintz – Director of Teacher Advisement and Field Placement
Dannah Schaffer – Co-chair of P&P
Laura Zucca-Scott – Graduate Programs

Meeting Dates for 2024-2025 

  • TBD

Meeting minutes are available on Teams/Sharepoint.

Updated July 7, 2024 LKG