Student Welfare & University Affairs Committee

This committee deals with issues affecting student life. Its three primary duties are (a) working with the Student Senate in sanctioning new campus organizations, (b) overseeing the selection procedure for “Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities”, and (c) serving as a committee of original jurisdiction or as an appeals committee depending upon the circumstances.

Committee Chairs
Aaron Hughes, Student Activities (Co-Chair)
Leon Perzinski, Student Center  (Co-Chair)

Committee Members
Beth Marschner, Faculty Senate
Emerson Eads, Faculty Senate

4 students
Michael Rangel, SGA
Skyler Yi, SGA
Levy Cabatingan, SGA
Rohith Annavarapu, SGA
Amelia Hamman, SGA
Kaitlin Walker, SGA
Annika Kraft, SGA