Master Planning

Landscape Master Plan - Oct. 2008 [pdf]
Master Plan - Mar. 2006 [ppt] 

Committee Members

Currently inactive

Master Plan Goals

  • Preserve & enhance campus assets
  • Promote a vibrant campus
  • Provide tool for managing resources and costs
  • Provide catalyst for achieving strategic initiatives & partnerships
  • Improve campus entrances and edges
  • Explore linkages to community (e.g. bike trails and streetscape development)
  • Enhance the quality of campus life for resident students to encourage retention
  • Provide variety of teaching spaces appropriate for various teaching methods
  • Improve way-finding for visitors coming to campus and to key destinations
  • Explore alternatives to meet parking demand while maintaining a beautiful campus
  • Explore ideas for off-campus presence in the community
  • Promote sustainable campus development and stewardship
  • Reinforce the branding goals of "be seen, be heard" campaign