Commencement Committee

This committee selects and retains the annual commencement speaker, with the advice and consent of the President, and organizes and implements the activities involved with commencement. This includes activities such as preparing the material for the programs, making stage arrangements, organizing the faculty-graduate processional, and arranging for ushers and processional marshals.

Committee Co-Chairs
Dr. Laurie Geller (Vice President Academic Affairs)
Ms. Rebecca Ringham (Registrar)

Ms. Courtney Armstrong
Ms. Tawnya Bernsdorf
Ms. Lynda Bertsch
Dr. DeVera Bowles
Ms. Penny Brandt
Ms. Angi Brown
Mr. Kevin Harmon
Ms. Wendy McManus
Mr. Scott Peterson
Dr. Bryan Schmidt
Dr. Steven Shirley
Ms. Celeste Simmons
Ms. Cambree Smith
Ms. Melanie Sundquist
Ms. Katie Thomas
Ms. Debra Wentz