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North Dakota INBRE (http://ndinbre.org) has a goal of building biomedical research capacity by serving research universities, baccalaureate institutions, and tribal colleges within the state. The specific aims are to:

  • Initiate competitive, sustainable research programs at six predominantly undergraduate institutions (PUIs)
  • Increase the number of students from PUIs who choose to pursue advanced training in the biomedical sciences
  • Increase the number of students from tribal colleges who matriculate into baccalaureate degree programs in the sciences
  • Enhance the state's access to computational and electronic resources supporting biomedical research
  • Enhance existing proteomics and biology core facilities at the research universities to make them sustainable and effective training and service centers for the scientific network

The centerpiece of this plan is grant support for research projects at PUIs and tribal colleges. Of the seven research projects across the state directly supported by North Dakota INBRE in 2021, two of them are at Minot State University.

Current INBRE supported research projects at Minot State University include:

  • Novel formamide ligands, their antifungal activity and methods of their synthesis - Mikhail Bobylev, Professor of Chemistry, Minot State University

  • The role of TAAR1 in amphetamine-stimulated catecholamine secretion in adrenal cells – Bryan Schmidt, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Minot State University