The IACUC is the self-regulation committee that oversees the animal care programs at Minot State University. The committee performs semiannual program evaluations and facility inspections of animal care programs. In addition the IACUC advises the Institutional Official of the status of Minot State University’s compliance with federal policy and laws, establishes plans and schedules for correcting deficiencies necessary either to maintain or achieve compliance, and makes recommendations to the IO regarding any aspect of Minot State University’s animal program, facilities, or personnel training. The IACUC reports to the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) on an annual basis as to the status and compliance of the animal care program at MSU.

The IACUC reviews and approves animal use protocols and reviews any concerns involving the care and use of animals at MSU and has the authority to suspend any activity that does not comply with policy and laws.

Currently inactive

Animal Welfare Assurance Approval [pdf]

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