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Honors Program in Engagement & Scholarship (HOPES)

Mission & Goals

The Honors Program in Engagement & Scholarship (HOPES) is a concentration program that encourages motivated students to explore challenging and personally-tailored programs of advanced study. Coursework emphasizes the complex relationship between individuals and their communities (local, regional, national, and global) through creative seminars and independent research opportunities.

Honors Program Mission
The Honors Program in Engagement & Scholarship (HOPES) will enhance the scholarly empowerment of students and encourage active citizenship, leadership, and devotion to the common good.

Honors Program Goals & Outcomes
Goal: To promote critical, reflective & independent thinking

    Outcomes: Students will
    • Develop the ability to read and interpret primary tests across disciplines
    • Cultivate the intellectual curiosity to search for context
    • Learn to participate actively in substantive discussion
    • Conduct independent & ethical research for the senior capstone project

Goal: To ensure a commitment to community awareness, involvement, and service

    Outcomes: Students will
    • Acquire the skills, knowledge, and perspectives necessary to collaborate and participate actively with diverse local and global partners

Goal: To foster excellence in verbal and written communication skills

    Outcomes: Students will
    • Learn to articulate point of view and research findings clearly and effectively
    • Acquire foreign language proficiency at an intermediate level
    • Demonstrate firmly established written and verbal skills in the senior capstone project

Goal: To cultivate awareness of global issues and cultural diversity

    Outcomes: Students will
    • Study current and historical international issues and aspects of global culture