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Honors Program in Engagement & Scholarship (HOPES)


The Honors Program earns a concentration, and students take a minimum of 26-30 semester hours within the program. Course requirements for most majors permit enough "open" electives to accommodate the addition of honors coursework.

Students in the Honors Program participate in lively seminar discussions, conduct independent study and research, produce and present an advanced-level writing project, participate in community service projects, and earn public recognition for their achievements.

Honors & Foreign Language Course Schedules
Fall 2015 Honors Courses [pdf]

Honors Program Required Coursework (26-30 cr)
Curriculum Tracking Sheet [pdf]
Curriculum Tracking Sheet for Communication Disorders Majors [pdf]
Curriculum Tracking Sheet for Nursing Majors [pdf]

Two honors ("H") classes that satisfy general education or diversity requirements*

Two semesters of foreign language, including the option of American Sign (6-8)

HON 191H The Honors Community (1)
HON 252H Visionaries of the Past (2)
HON 254H Information in the Digital Age (3)
HON 264H Thinking Outside the Box (3)
      or study abroad (3)
      or an honors elective course (3)
HON 351H Integrity & the Examined Life (3)
HON 391H Community Problem-Solving (3)
HON 395H Citizenship & Service (3)
HON 450H Honors Thesis/Project Proposal (1)
HON 451H Honors Thesis/Project (1-3)

Course Descriptions

*Some academic majors may require completion of specific General Education or Diversity courses and may not be able to accept Honors Program substitution. Students should routinely consult with their academic advisors. Students under the 2014 or later catalogs do not need diversity classes.