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Criminal justice includes a diverse range of job specialties including law enforcement, the courts, corrections, juvenile justice and treatment.

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Criminal Justice

Minot State University's criminal justice program exposes students to relevant social, political, economic, and philosophical issues confronting the justice system both within the United States and in other countries. In meeting the demands created by such issues as prison overcrowding, rising crime rates and violence, domestic abuse, and international and domestic terrorism, the demand for qualified graduates has increased significantly in recent years.

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Career Opportunities
The focus of undergraduate education in Criminal Justice at Minot State is directed towards the development of both applied practitioners and the advanced training of those seeking to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree. As a social and behavioral science degree, the criminal justice program prepares students for a wide variety of career opportunities in law, law enforcement, the courts, corrections, and juvenile justice. Criminal Justice professionals may interact with agencies at the federal, state and local level and with professionals in private security, loss prevention, counseling and treatment.

POST (Peace Officer Training Program)
The Minot State University Criminal Justice Program, in collaboration with Lake Region State College offers the North Dakota Peace Officer training program each spring semester. The program, which runs for 16 weeks starting after Martin Luther King Day, gives Minot State criminal justice students interested in a law enforcement related career, the opportunity to graduate with their undergraduate degree AND the POST certification.

The program incorporates a well-balanced curriculum that addresses issues in each component part of the criminal justice system. Students are also required to augment their studies with coursework in sociology, psychology, political science, humanities, science, math, English, and physical education. Consideration should also be given to coursework in business, foreign language, computer science, counseling, and other academic areas which best correspond to the student’s established career goals. 

Minot State also offers a collaborative doctorate (Ph.D.) program with the University of North Dakota.

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Courses Required

For a complete listing of courses and descriptions, go to the course catalog.

All courses subject to change. Other coursework required. 

Contact Information
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Department of Criminal Justice, College of Arts and Sciences
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