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2018 Commencement Guide

Purchasing Caps, Gowns, and Announcements

Deadline for ordering - March 30

All Graduates: Academic regalia and announcements are available for purchase starting January 16. The deadline for purchasing regalia and announcements is March 31. Orders should be placed online at:

Honors Graduates: Students who graduate with honors (cum, magna, or summa cum laude) will have the option of purchasing a stole that is worn over the gown. Honors designation for commencement purposes is determined by the overall grade point average as indicated on the transcript in the last completed term prior to graduation. If a student is uncertain about whether he/she qualifies for honors, he/she may check with the Registrar's Office.

Attention Bottineau graduates: Please contact Russ Gagnon to inquire if you have qualified to graduate with honors.

Graduate Students: Graduate students' academic regalia consists of a master's gown and a master's hood. The color on the hood signifies the degree earned, so it is important to be clear when ordering the hood to specify the degree and program (ex. Master of Arts in Teaching: Mathematics).

Graduation Announcements
The bookstore offers graduation announcements. Samples will be on display in the bookstore beginning January 19.

Graduation Gifts
The bookstore offers a variety of commencement-related products with samples on display. The bookstore will be open 8:00 am - 5:00 pm on Friday, May 11.

Questions about Bookstore Commencement Services and Products
Angi Brown, Manager
701-858-3390 or fax 701-858-4226