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College of Business

Business Administration

Business Administration degrees include International Business, Management, and Marketing, along with minors and concentration in these areas. Having a degree in an area of business administration gives the student a look into accounting, finance, marketing, technology, and many other aspects of the business world. There are many job opportunities offered to a graduate with a degree in business administration. Among top careers available to a graduate with a degree in business administration include: Accountant, administrative executive, chief executive officer, manager, consultant, director, human resource manager, public relations specialist, school administrator, and many other rewarding careers.

Business Administration Degrees
» BS with a Major in International Business
» BS with a Major in Management
» BAS with a Major in Applied Management (MSU Online)
» BS with a Major in Marketing
» Business Administration Minor (non-business majors)
» International Business Minor
» Marketing Minor
» Management Minor
» Management Concentration (non-business majors)
» Marketing Concentration (non-business majors)
» International Business Concentration
» Course Descriptions

Program Brochures [pdf]
» Marketing Program
» International Business
» Management

Business Administration Faculty

  deanna klein
Deanna Klein (Chair)
Gary Ross Chair
Gary Ross
James Ondracek
James Ondracek

Diann Hanson

Jeanne MacDonald
Jeanne MacDonald

Dr. Mehdi (Tanzeeb) Hossain

Long Pham
Long Pham

M. Saaed
M. Saaed

Andy Bertsch
Andy Bertsch
Dr. Hung Vu Thanh



Administrative Assistant

Deanna Head
Deanna Head

Jennifer SmithJennifer Smith


Part-time Faculty

Natalie Mussell
Rosmini Omar
Wendi Zirtzman
John Doering
Paul Cristofaro
Megan Fixen
Tara Nygaard
Jason Trainer

Visiting Professors

Mehmet Koseoglu
Dr. Hung Vu Thanh