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College of Business


Minot State University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), located in Olathe, Kansas. The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE:

  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science in Energy Economics and Finance
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance
  • Bachelor of Science in International Business
  • Bachelor of Science in Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing
  • Master of Science in Information Systems
  • Master of Science in Management

Aligned with the College of Business’s mission and vision statements and IACBE guidelines, the College of Business maintains records of students’ learning in our programs, updated each year in November for the previous academic year. Our learning goals, learning assessment measures, performance targets, and summaries of results, by program, may be found in our IACBE Accreditation Annual Report [pdf].

» IACBE Current Membership Status Report

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