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The objective of the art program is to develop creative, expressive and technically competent graduates who direct their time, energy, skills, and materials toward fulfilling these program outcomes. Within an aesthetic and historical context, students will form and articulate qualitative judgments and make critical decisions about their work and the work of others from the perspective of contemporary culture.

In the art program, the learning challenge will provide students with knowledge of other cultures, as well as their own. The creative work will be tailored to the unique intellectual, emotional and physical abilities of the student.

The art program is designed to provide a rewarding creative experience, challenging the student to flourish in technical abilities, design decisions, concept development and aesthetic evaluation.

A Short Visit With Lasting Influence
Visiting Artists at Minot State University
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The Flat Tail - Kuh-lekt exhibit The Flat Tail - Kuh-lekt exhibit
"People collect art for many reasons. Some collect for investment ... Some for fun ... Some because it matches their new couch. For Karina and me, collecting is about placemaking. Over time, space becomes place through lived experience. It becomes laden with memory, turning a house into a home."
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2017 Sophomore Student Work
Portfolios of student work presented at the 2017 art student review have been posted. All sophomores are required to present a body of work that represents a mid-point in their education.
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Discover Your Passion
A step-by-step by former NOTSTOCK guest artist Jay Ryan creating a fine-art limited edition print.
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Anne Palmer Senior Exhibition
Experience the fifth chapter of Galatians through film, photography, and fashion interpreting the fruits of the Holy Spirit and the seven deadly sins.
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2016 Clay Open-Studio Sessions Offered
To fight winter doldrums, the Minot State University Art Program is offering clay open-studio sessions to the public during spring semester.
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Halloween Safety Check
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Extreme Facepainting
Art Club at the Homecoming Block Party.
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