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Reporting instructions for Phishing Messages

Microsoft Outlook:

To forward an individual message in its full and original state in Outlook, use the ribbon and buttons as follows:

  1. Open the message you want to forward in the reading pane or in its own window.
    • You can also just highlight the email in the message list.
    • To forward multiple messages as attachments at one time and attached to one email, highlight all the ones you want to send in the message list.
  2. If the message is open in your Outlook's reading pane make sure the HOME ribbon is selected and visible.
  3. If the message is open in its own window make sure the MESSAGE ribbon is selected and visible.
  4. Click More (or the More Respond Actions icon if only that is visible) in the Respond section.
  5. Select Forward as Attachment from the menu that appears.
  6. Address the message to phishing@minotstateu.edu and click send.


Web Email:

  1. Click ‘New’
  2. Click and drag the phishing email from your mail folder list on to the new email message. It will be included as an attachment. Important: If you are currently in ‘Conversation’ view, all the messages within the conversation will be attached. If you only want a specific message to be attached, change your view to ‘Messages’ then attach.
  3. Address the message to phishing@minotstateu.edu and click send.

Mac Mail:

  1. Select the message
  2. Choose Message > Forward as Attachment.
  3. Address the message to phishing@minotstateu.edu and click send.

We have a secure file transfer software called LiquidFiles that is provided by the NDUS. It can be used to send and receive files containing sensitive information that should never go over email unprotected.

“LiquidFiles is a virtual appliance that allows us to send and receive files, fast and securely. The application gives you the ability to send and request a file. Once you log into the site with your campus connection credentials, your account is ready to use. Files sent using the system are automatically deleted after 7 days and it has the capability to specify the maximum number of downloads.”

Quick Start Instructions: https://www.minotstateu.edu/helpdesk/KBimages/LiquidFilesFastStart.PDF

Full User Guide: https://www.minotstateu.edu/helpdesk/KBimages/LiquidFilesUserGuide.PDF

For MSU staff members using the tool to send private data such as social security number, health records, etc… NDUS policy requires the use of “multifactor” authentication (https://guide.duo.com/). To be enrolled in the DUO Security system please enter a workorder request at https://www.minotstateu.edu/helpdesk asking to be enrolled into DUO.

The Teacher Education Department uses Tk20 HigherEd™ as a comprehensive online data management system for student activities related to teacher certification for our programs in education.  Students enrolled in any of these programs are required to purchase an account within Tk20 which will enable them to apply for admission to teacher education, complete key course assignments and provide information regarding field experiences, including student teaching. 
The website is located at https://minotstateu.tk20.com
If this is your first time using the program you will need to register your account by clicking the register link on the lower left side of the page.
Click to register image
Select to purchase online or enter a code purchased from the bookstore (Note that it is cheaper to purchase online)
Purchase Options Image
Proceed through the general information and payment information -- make SURE to put in your student id # correctly and WITHOUT the "w" at the beginning or your account will not work.
You will receive an email from Tk20 indicating that they are creating an account and then, a few days later, you will receive an email indicating that your account is "active." The email MAY also tell you that your student id# is your login or password but that is NOT correct. Once active, your username and password are the same as your NDUS login for Campus Connection and Blackboard.  If you recieve a messsage that says something like "use remote password" it means that the password is incorrect. You may change your campus connection password at http://www.minotstateu.edu/cc with the "change password" link on the right hand side.
For undergraduate or graduate Tk20 questions please contact lisa.borden-king@minotstateu.edu and Deborah.ringham@minotstateu.edu.