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Knowledgebase : Desk Phones

Open a workorder on this system and include your name and ID number as well as the phone number of the room you are assigned (The phone number will appear on the screen as a 4 digit number).

You will receive an email when your voicemail is activated with instructions on setting up your personal message. Instructions for the phone and voicemail can be found at http://www.minotstateu.edu/itcentral/phone.shtml

If there is no phone in your room please contact your department office about purchasing or using a spare.

On the back of the phone there is two network ports. The left port should be connected to the data port in your office. The right port may be used to connect to your computer if another wall data jack is not available.



On the left side of your phone there are two connections. The top is for the handset and the bottom is used with optional wired and wireless headsets.


If you are a new staff member please see https://www.minotstateu.edu/helpdesk/staff/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/Edit/6



Please click on "Submit a Ticket" above to request your pin number to be reset.

Be sure to include your phone number.





Record greeting via phone:

To record your default voicemail greeting press the voicemail button on your phone or dial 701-858-4567.

You will be prompted for your PIN number (Default PIN is 1234).

Follow the voice prompts to record the greeting.


Record greeting via Communicator Client:

In your communicator client select Tools -> Options.

Select the Call Handling mode you wish to record the greeting (Default call handling mode is "Standard")

Press the "Record Greeting" button.

Select to record from PC or Telephone and then press the record button.

Press the stop button or hang up when done.

Review the message with the play button.

When done click OK and close the preferences window.