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Student Email Consolidation Completed
Posted by Darren Olson on 05 December 2016 10:53 AM

Email migration is complete for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 students.

Please begin to log in with The password is the same as your old account. Messages sent to your old will be forwarded to the new account until July 2018 when it is retired. If you have any non-campus related messages being sent to you please notify them to update to the new address. We will begin updating Campus Connection, Blackboard, and other campus services starting after fall grades are posted. Complete details are at .

After the change be sure to update your phone with the new account.
Instructions for Android Android iPhone/iPad iPhone/iPadand Others...  

Outlook Mobile is also available for Apple IOS and Google Android as an alternative to the built-in mail apps.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are available at:


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Student Email Consolidation - Started November 28th 2016
Posted by Darren Olson on 07 October 2016 12:58 PM

In the last legislative session new sections were added to the North Dakota Century Code (15-10-44.1) requiring all North Dakota University System institutions to use a common email system and services provided by the NDUS. 

North Dakota Century Code 15-10-44.1

Each institution and entity under the control of the state board of higher education shall obtain electronic mail, file server administration, database administration, research computing, storage, application server, and hosting services through a delivery system established by the board. The board shall establish policies and guidelines for the delivery of services, including the transition from existing systems to functional consolidation, with consideration given to the creation of efficiencies, cost-savings, and improved quality of service.

The consolidation of student and faculty/staff email to a common email system will improve overall communication within the North Dakota University System. Eight of the 11 NDUS institutions have already consolidated to a single email environment, and the migration of MSU faculty/staff email to this new system was completed over the summer of 2016. We are now preparing to migrate MSU student email accounts (

What are the benefits?

MSU students, faculty and staff will be on the same email platform and will be able to collaborate using Office 365 calendaring, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and Skype for Business.  MSU students will continue to have access to the same features as current accounts with Office 365 including:

  • OneDrive for Business file storage – Cloud storage to easily share files and collaborate on documents with instructors and classmates. Many students have used this in the past but it has not worked correctly with instructors as they were on a different system.
  • Skype for Business – chat, video collaboration and presentation sharing.
  • SharePoint – share and collaborate resources with students, faculty, and staff members within Minot State and the entire North Dakota University System.

What will change?

Current and recent students:

Migration will begin November 28, 2016, for current and recent students (enrolled within the 2016-2017 term).  As accounts are migrated, the following changes will occur:

  • Your new username will be
  • Your password will continue to be the same as used for Campus Connection and Blackboard.
  • Current email from your email account will be copied into your new email account. No disruption in email service should occur throughout the migration process.
  • New messages sent to your account will be forwarded to your new account.
  • You will also receive email with our campus domain of to your account. This will be the address that will be shown on your outgoing email messages.
  • Contacts and calendar appointments will not be migrated. 

Faculty/staff members who also have a student email account:

  • Messages from your student email account ( will be copied over to your faculty/staff email account. 
  • Your username and password for your email account will remain the same.

Current students who also have a student email account with another NDUS institution:

  • Messages from your student email account ( will be copied over to your email account. 
  • Your username and password for your ndus email account will remain the same and your messages from the various institutions will be delivered to the single mailbox.

Former students and alumni:

  • Students who have not been enrolled in classes at Minot State University within the 2016-2017 term will not be migrated to the new system, but will have access to their email account until July 1, 2018. 


We will provide updates on the migration project in the public information campus announcements and at this page.



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Staff/Faculty Email Migration Completed
Posted by Darren Olson on 08 August 2016 09:05 AM

We are now done with migrating staff and faculty accounts. If your account is still on the old system please contact us to find out why. You may now resume using your outlook client on your Mac or PC, but when prompted for password you will need to change the username to You may also need to reboot your computer after logging in. For mobile phones accounts you should also update the username, if that doesn't work you may need to remove the account and re-add. Instructions for mobile devices and links to web email access are located at You may also visit our office in Old Main 108 for assistance, we do not have staff availability to visit offices at this time.


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Office 365 migration update
Posted by Darren Olson on 10 May 2016 01:24 PM

Email Consolidation Announcement.pdf

The staff and faculty email migration (including Email/Calendar/Contacts/Skype for Business) to the NDUS-hosted email environment is now in progress.

We are currently transferring IT Central staff accounts to test the migration process and develop documentation.

All currently employed faculty and staff accounts will automatically be transferred in batches to the new system starting Monday, August 8th. Your email address will remain as for both sending and receiving email, however you will need to sign into the account with and your campus connection password once the move is completed.

For updated information on the migration progress visit

ITC asks that departments notify us of department-use emails or room calendars that must be transferred to the new system (example: When you have the list complete please submit a ticket with the email addresses at . The departments that have provided lists are as follows:

Academic Testing Center
College of Business
Communications Disorders
Plant Services
Graduate School
MSU Staff Senate
Public Information Office
Red and Green
Special Education
Student Activities
Student Development
Student Health
Student Success Center

If you do not see your area on the list please check with your department office.

--Darren Olson, information technology director for network services

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Office 365 ProPlus for Students
Posted by Darren Olson on 13 January 2015 09:53 AM

Office 365 ProPlus for Students (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc…) is available for free to students who are currently enrolled. Install Office on up to 5 Windows PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Android tablets and iPads. Sign up now with your student email account at

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