Ryan John Clifford

Seaford, NY

Master of Science

  • Sports Management
    • Management

A Message from the Chair

Congratulations!  You have achieved your goal of earning a Master of Science in Sports Management! Earning this degree signifies your determination to be a leader in the field for which you have great passion and drive. Your future is unlimited, and Minot State University looks forward to watching your continued growth to greatness!

— Dr. Linda Cresap, Sports Management Program Director

CONGRATULATIONS! On your graduation day, the College of Business faculty congratulate you. Your ability to adapt to change was put to the test in a real-life situation allowing you to include "ability to adapt to change" as a highlight on any future job application. We wish you well in all your future pursuits.

— Dr. Lori Willoughby, Department of Business Administration Chair

Graduation Features

A Message from the Alumni Association

Minot State University Class of 2022, on behalf of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, I enthusiastically congratulate you on this wonderful accomplishment.

Over the past several years, you have been students at Minot State University. For the rest of your lives, you will be Minot State University Alumni. The MSU alumni community is filled with over 26,000 people worldwide who can be an invaluable resource to you from this day forward.

We encourage you to stay engaged, we hope that you will stay connected, and I am very excited to say to all of you, "Congratulations, MSU Alumni!"

— Janna McKechnie, Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving