Alex M Boechler

Minot, ND

Bachelor of Science

  • Finance

A Message from the Chair

Congratulations to you from Minot State University's Department of Accounting and Finance faculty! Graduation commemorates your accomplishment of obtaining a university degree. In addition, graduation serves as a milestone, ending one phase of your life only to begin a new phase. The faculty of the Department of Accounting and Finance want to use this correspondence to acknowledge your accomplishment and sincerely wish the best for you as you start this next stage in your life. We are sorry because of the current conditions regarding COVID-19 that there will be no formal recognition by Minot State University this spring to celebrate this occasion; however, this should not lessen the importance of this event in your life.

— Jay Wahlund, Department of Accounting and Finance Chair

Graduation Features

A Message from the Alumni Association

Minot State University Class of 2020, on behalf of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, I enthusiastically congratulate you on this momentous accomplishment.

Over the past several years, you have been students at Minot State University. For the rest of your lives, you will be Minot State University Alumni. The MSU alumni community is filled with over 26,000 people worldwide who can be an invaluable resource to you from this day forward.

We encourage you to stay engaged, we hope that you will stay connected, and I am very excited to say to all of you, congratulations MSU Alumni!

— Janna McKechnie, Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving