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Social Work

Student Handbook

Appendix F
North Dakota Board of Social Work Examiners, NDBSWE Code of Ethics and Violations

The North Dakota Law states:
43-41-10. Grounds for disciplinary proceedings. The Board may deny, refuse to renew, suspend, revoke, or place on probationary status any license under this chapter on proof at a hearing that the applicant or licensed person:

  1. Has been convicted of an offense determined by the Board to have a direct bearing upon that individualís ability to practice social work or is not sufficiently rehabilitated as determined by the Board in accordance with section 12.
  2. Is addicted to the habitual use of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, or stimulants to such an extent as to incapacitate that individual from the practice of social work.
  3. Has been grossly negligent in the practice of social work.
  4. Has violated one or more of the rules and regulations of the Board.
  5. Has violated the code of social work ethics adopted by the Board.

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