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Student Government Association

Basic responsibilities of all Student Government Senators representing their academic college by meeting periodically with constituents, representing them honorably an defectively, serving actively on campus committees and volunteering at SGA sponsored events.

Senators representing each college of study are elected in March. Graduate Studies Senator, Off-Campus and on-Campus Senators, and Freshmen Senators are elected in the Fall Semester.

College of Arts and Sciences
» Laura Bakke
Joel Cartwright
» Tyler Flatland
» Leif Larson
» Jared Schumaier
» Codi Thomas
» Kylie Gamas
College of Education and Health Sciences
» Breanna Benson
» Brooke Domonoske
» Haley Hesier
» T Mitchell Kvigne
» Skyler Niebuhr
» Phillip Streccius

College of Business
» Hanna Borner
» Kaitlyn Dahlberg
» Danielle Foster
» Erika Lemere
» Tess Thorp Foley

Off Campus
» Danielle Bates
» Zachary Niebuhr

On Campus
» Layne Pfliiger
» Marissa Choiniere

» Chelsea Geis
» Zachary Cummings

Athletics Senator
» L Tanya Flythe

General Studies
» Callie Cook


» Brittany Diegel