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Student Government Association

2016-2017 SGA Senators

Basic responsibilities of all Student Government Senators representing their academic college by meeting periodically with constituents, representing them honorably an defectively, serving actively on campus committees and volunteering at SGA sponsored events.

Senators representing each college of study are elected in March. Graduate Studies Senator, Off-Campus and on-Campus Senators, and Freshmen Senators are elected in the Fall Semester. Contact to learn what positions are currently available. 

College of Arts and Sciences
» Annika Kraft
» Bikalpa Ghimire
» Ryan Bent
» Aaron Nance
» Vacant
» Vacant

College of Education and Health Sciences
» Alex Cundiff
» Emilee Baggett
» Jordan Foley
» Shelby McCabe
» Kaitlin Walker
» Vacant

College of Business
» Aaron Richard
» Alex Osvold
» Levy Cabatingan
» Queenie Lim

Off Campus
» Victoria Saxelby
» Danny Youngren

On Campus
» Cornell Brewer
» Ayaka Ohi

» Sebastian Gutierrez
» Sumin Yi

Athletics Senator
» Sydney Prigge

General Studies
» Morgan Matejcek

» Vacant