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Faculty Senate

Student Fee Committee

This committee allocates and administers student activity funds. The Student Fee Committee, established by the SBHE, has access to all institutional information necessary for administration of the funds.

Administrative Members (4 faculty or Admin Reps - one year term)
Andy Carter – Athletic Director
Laurie Geller – Vice President for Academic Affairs
Kevin Harmon – Vice President for Student Affairs
Brent Winiger – Vice President for Administration & Finance

Student Members  (one year term)
Rohith Annavarapu      
Kaitlin Walker    
Aaron Richard
Cassandra Daniel

University Fees
Student Government Activity and University Fee Review Process Description [pdf]

Minutes [pdf files]
2015 - December 4
2014 - December 10

2014 - December 5
2013 - December 2
2013 - November 16
2012 - November 13