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Student Center


The Student Center is a multi-use facility, utilized by students, faculty, staff, and the community. The Student Center is located in the “heart of campus” providing many different services, conveniences and leisure activities to enhance the quality of life for students on campus. A few of the services that are provided include: campus dining, ATM, computer stations, swimming pool, telephones, newspapers, convenience store, billiards, and the Beaver Dam. The Student Center is also a great place to relax, study, and meet people.

The Student Center houses meeting spaces and the Conference Center for registered student organizations, campus departments, and businesses from the community. Reservations for meeting rooms are made through the Student Center Directors office, located on the second level.

The Barnes & Noble Bookstore is located in the Student Center on the lower level. The bookstore sells textbooks, general books, and a large selection of computer books, calendars, and best sellers. The merchandise selection at the bookstore includes CD's, school & art supplies, frames, greeting cards, gift type items, and MSU insignia apparel.

Also housed in the Student Center are the offices of Alumni & Advancement, International Programs, Multicultural Center, Native American Cultural Center, Career Planning & Placement, Student Government Association, the post office/information center, student publications and food services.

All levels of the Student Center are handicap accessible, with entrances located on the east and west sides of the building.