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MSU's Centennial Service Challenge Power of 100: thinking locally, acting globally

"The motto of our institution shall be service - service to all humanity."
— Arthur Crane, Minot Normal
    School president, June 1915

The power of 100 is relative, depending on one's perspective. For a kid, $100 is a lot of money, provided they don't desire the hottest trend in athletic footwear. To an adult, $100 may pay for a delightful evening out, or fall short of covering the cable bill. One hundred years is a long time to a 12 year old, whereas a centurion might wonder how time passed so quickly.

However, the Power of 100 is immeasurable in terms of community service when the intent originates from a place of generosity, selflessness, service and love.

Community service is a lot like compound interest. If you borrow $200,000 over 30 years at four percent interest, the total bill would be $386,288. A sobering thought in terms of debt. Apply that principle to good deeds and volunteerism: if a person (or group) completes a project that benefits countless others, the ending balance is much greater than the original investment.

For example, the Backpack Buddies program featured on the Power of 100 website ( will feed 50 children weekend meals throughout the next school year. That totals 11,000 meals for 50 kids and most likely, their sisters and brothers. MSU Staff Senate raised funds to furnish a transitional living apartment for Minot's Domestic Violence Crisis Center. Consider how many families will enjoy the safety and comfort of the apartment in the next 20 years. One good deed can lead to an avalanche of returns.

"Serving humanity" can include volunteering at a food pantry, cleaning a community park, visiting the elderly, or mentoring a century of students about responsible stewardship in their communities. Opportunities abound.

Please consider completing a service project, wherever you live, in honor of MSU's Centennial anniversary. Large or small, it will make a difference to someone.

Be the change you want to create! Visit for more information and inspiring ideas.