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Dr. Heidi Super

Striking a Balance

Minot State is really very unique. I feel lucky to have come on board when I did. I love teaching. It’s very rewarding when you introduce a concept to a student and see them grasp it. But I also have the opportunity to continue my research.

While we'd all like to find the cure for cancer, you have to keep in perspective that it’s a long process—we have to understand cancer before we can develop new treatments. For me, teaching balances the frustrations of the slow pace in cancer research.

Students here really have the best of both worlds. They have small classes, on-demand contact with their professors, and the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge types of research. Last year, six of our biology graduates, who all happened to be female, were accepted into graduate or professional programs. To qualify, they had to show experience in research—we provided them with that. In fact, the number-one measure of our success as a department is getting more students accepted into graduate programs.