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Office of the President

Mission, Core Values, and Core Purpose

Minot State University is a regional, public institution located in the northwest region of North Dakota, serving students from Minot, the region, state, nation, and other countries. Undergraduate and graduate courses and programs are offered on campus and at a distance, through face-to-face, online, and alternative modes of delivery. Non-credit and professional training and experiences are offered to students and community members.

Committed to high academic standards and professional support for students, the university is dedicated to student success, engaged and life-long learning, advancement of knowledge, effective student service, and development of students of character. These commitments are grounded in effective and motivated teaching and learning, scholarship, and service. General studies and a variety of programs are offered in the arts and sciences, business, and education and health sciences. A wide range of student support services is provided to on-campus and off- campus students.

The university values critical and creative thinking, vitality of communities and cultures, stewardship of place, and the multicultural and global environment. The university honors and supports the dignity and rights of diverse individuals, freedom of expression, academic freedom, ethical and moral behavior, integrity, fairness, and honesty.

Minot State University is first and foremost dedicated to the success of all students: their growth and development as educated citizens, their confidence, and their life-long devotion to the common good and the welfare of others.

Core Values
MSU cares deeply about its students, their learning, and their growth. The university is proud of its values and long-term commitment to:

  • Teaching and learning with excellence, integrity, and engagement
  • Serving students and others respectfully and responsibly
  • Following high ethical and moral principles
  • Supporting the values of community and place, where all community members are valued and respected for their work, contributions, and freedom of expression.

Core Purpose
Minot State University helps people appreciate life and learning and contribute meaningfully to the lives of others.