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Parking Office

Registration & Permit

Vehicle Registration
  1. Motor vehicle registration is a condition of enrollment and/or employment and all traffic and parking regulations are University rules. All vehicles are to be registered by license plate number.
  2. If you own more than one vehicle, which you bring on campus regularly or occasionally, you will be required to transfer the parking permit between vehicles or a second permit may be purchased.
  3. If you are using a different vehicle when your registered vehicle is temporarily inoperable, you will need to put the permit in the vehicle being used and register the vehicle with the Parking Office.
  4. The Parking Office must be notified of changes in ownership and license number of any registered vehicle.
  5. Proof of vehicle ownership and identification card signifying employment or student status will be requested at the time of registration. Only cars with current state/province registration will be registered.
  6. The address used in registering a vehicle must be the registrant’s current residence.

Required Display of Permit

  1. Outdated permits must be removed from the mirror before the current permit is displayed.
  2. Current parking permits are to be hung as follows by STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF: on back of the inside rear view mirror, so that the permit faces toward the windshield of your vehicle. If the permit cannot be displayed there, inquire at the Parking Office as to where the permit should be placed. Taping or clipping on a permit is considered as being properly displayed, as long as the permit number is visible.
  3. Bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles are allowed to park in designated spots without purchasing a permit, as long as they DO NOT take a parking spot designated for a car or truck, or park blocking any sidewalks.
  4. PARKING PERMITS ARE NOT TRANSFERRABLE AND ARE THE PROPERTY OF MSU! Permits must be removed under the following conditions: (a) change of ownership; (b) termination of association with the University; (c) termination of authorized period for which it was issued; (d) receipt of a permit which supersedes a prior permit. Failure to do so will be cause for a violation citation.
  5. Students who no longer live in campus housing but remain students at MSU, must return the reserved parking permit for a refund. The student may then purchase an unreserved permit.
  6. No faculty, staff, or student may obtain a parking permit to be used on another University member’s vehicle. To do so will constitute a FALSE REGISTRATION which carries a $15.00 penalty. No duplicate permits will be issued.
  7. Theft of permits will be handled by the Minot Police Department. This violation constitutes petty theft and will be handled through the city court. If your vehicle is found with a stolen permit, your vehicle will be towed immediately and you will only be able to park in free parking on campus thereafter.
  8. Lost or stolen permits will not be reissued. Purchase of a new permit is required.