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Parking Office

Other Policies

Parking During Student Breaks
During student breaks (spring break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) and on University observed holidays, due to the rapid changes in the weather, it is recommended that your vehicles be removed during your absence.

A campus visitor is any person other than faculty, staff, or students, parking a non-registered vehicle on campus. If the car driven by a visitor belongs to either a member of the faculty, staff, or a student, the vehicle must have a permit to park on campus, and must be parked in the proper lot. The permit holder is responsible for any violations. Visitor parking permits are available in the Post Office in the Student Center, the Dome or at the Facilities Management Office and are good for one day and for designated lots. Guests who routinely visit the campus may obtain a special temporary permit at no charge from the Parking Office. This will help alleviate the issuance of unwarranted citations.

During special events where a lot will be used for our guests, Facilities Management will publish notices in campus announcements, letting people know of the event and where to relocate for parking during the event.

Towing Policy
The University will, in some situations, tow vehicles. These situations are designated with an asterisk. If your vehicle is towed, contact Campus Security at 858-4357 during business hours (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).

Snow Removal Policy
Before a major snow removal operation, one day prior notice about moving vehicles will be issued either through head residents, "Red & Green," mailings, signs, or telephone calls. If vehicles are not moved as instructed, the relocation fee will be charged to the owner or person registering the vehicle.

General Regulations On Driving And Parking

  1. The person in whose name the parking permit is issued or the person who owns or operates a vehicle will be held responsible for any violation involving that vehicle. These regulations apply to the spouse, friend, or relatives of the person registering or owning the vehicle.
  2. ON ALL PARTS OF CAMPUS, PEDESTRIANS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY! All vehicles must be operated with due regard for the safety of other drivers and the preservation of property.
  3. Parking is not permitted:
    • Obstructing any crosswalk
    • On the grass, curbs, or sidewalks
    • In a manner that is blocking traffic, other vehicles, or service operation
    • In a head resident zone other than by a head resident
    • In construction zones
    • In a fire lane
    • In a driveway
    • In a multiple form of parking
    • In front of a fire hydrant
    • In mobility impaired or other specially designated spaces other than those authorized
    • In a No Parking zone
    • In front of any removable barrier
    • Tow-away zones in which vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense. (Two wheeled vehicles are no exception.))
  4. Special permits for long term guests, construction workers, etc., are available on request in the Parking Office only. Non-students visiting the university are required to display a university visitors parking permit in designated parking.
  5. To assist all personnel, a parking map is available of the University campus showing the location of all buildings and indicating the location of the parking lots.
  6. Operators of motor vehicles are subject to city ordinances, state laws, and/or University regulations.
  7. When the vehicle is parked, the whole of the vehicle must be within the limits established for that space.
  8. The speed limit on campus is 5 m.p.h.
  9. Every vehicle is required to stop completely at every stop sign.
  10. The operation of snowmobiles is prohibited on University property.
  11. a) Motorcycles, minibikes, and other similar two-wheeled motor vehicles may be operated on public roads and streets providing: they are registered, properly equipped, and driven by a licensed operator as prescribed by state and local law. b) The operation of motorcycles, minibikes, or other similar twowheeled motor vehicles on any other portion of the University property (athletics fields, grounds, lawn areas, etc.) except as defined in paragraph (a) above is prohibited.
  12. "Service Vehicles Only" or "Service Vehicles Only Beyond This Point" also means "No Parking Beyond This Point."

Summer Semester

  1. The general regulations on driving and parking will remain constant for all academic semesters.
  2. Faculty and staff will be required to display a valid permit issued for the upcoming academic year, which will be available for purchase during the month of June in the Parking Office. Those lots affected are referenced Parking Area Restrictions.
  3. Students will be permitted to park in unreserved areas and the lots described under Parking Area Restrictions, with the exceptions of Lots H and M, which are designated for apartment occupants. A permit is not required for summer semester students.
  4. Penalties as described and students will not be allowed to register for classes the following semester until all fines are paid at the Business Office.
  5. The Minot Police Department will ticket all violators parking in NO parking zones, fire lanes and handicap areas, which will result in a City of Minot parking ticket and the appropriate fine handled through city court.