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Important Respondus Lockdown Browser (RLB) User Information

While in a test using the RLB, you may have an outdated version or multiple versions of Java. The only way to resolve this is:

RLB is used for only testing purposes. The browser cannot be used to access practice or self-tests inside your Blackboard course. We highly encourage you access your course materials in your regular browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).

There is a security feature in Internet Explorer that is preventing some students from opening RLB and accessing their testing in Blackboard courses. If you are experiencing these problems we recommend you use a different browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 3.6.

RLB applications loaded on computers prior to January 1, 2012 will not recognized Minot State University Online courses. You must update the browser. You can do this by visiting and downloading the RLB installation site:

RLB Installation

You do not need to delete the older version; the new version will overwrite it.

RLB will not work on computers using Dell Dock or Google Toolbar. This is easily resolved.

For Dell Dock issues, simply right click on the Dell Dock and select the EXIT option. This will temporarily turn off the turn Dell Dock.

For Google Toolbar issues, simply right click on the Google Toolbar in the Task Tray (bottom right-hand corner of the screen), and select EXIT. This will temporarily turn off the turn Google Toolbar.