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Office of Instructional Technology (OIT)

Digital Video Recorders at Minot State Universty

The Office of Instructional Technology offers the use of the Olympus DS 30 and DS 50 models to capture classroom or lecture audio for streaming on the campus web server. Files are automatically saved with one touch. The instructor can use a lapel microphone or chose to use the conference microphone to capture classroom interaction. The extremely small nature of the device allows for recording in almost any environment, even while in the car. Files are then loaded to the server and links to the audio files are provided to the instructor or loaded by the Office of Instructional Technology into a Blackboard blended or online course shell for student use. All audio is converted to MP3 format for easy student access and download to computers and media players.

To RECORD, simply press the REC button (2) on the right side of the DVR.

The record/play indicator light will glow red.

Press the STOP button (3) on the right side of the DVR to cancel recording.

Each time you press REC, a new recording will start the previous recording will be saved. If you want to make just one continuous recording, but will have breaks in your presentation, select the PAUSE button instead of the STOP button. PAUSE will flash on the display panel. When you want to resume recording, simply press the REC button and the DVR will start up where you left off.