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-- Easter Holiday Hours

-- Lyrical Lunches are back at the library!  Come join us on Tuesday, April 22, at 12:00 noon, when Dr. Erik Anderson of the Division of Music will play the first in a series of three performances celebrating the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Dr. Anderson will be playing Bach's Suite no. 1 in G major on the 22nd and holding an informal discussion about Bach, his suites, and movements as well. Lyrical Lunches begin at noon and end at approximately 12:45pm. We look forward to seeing you!

-- Have you recently (or not so recently) lost your jumpdrive? Have you checked the library? Is one of these yours? (4/17, 9:14am)

-- Chat with us.

-- Budget Cuts:

As everyone knows, this year was a difficult one budget-wise for the University. Every campus department was tasked to make the hard decisions that cutting budgets involves. The Library did not escape this task. In fact, we were asked to reduce our operating budget by 12% in the 2012-2013 fiscal year and by nearly 30% in the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

We have been making the decisions to cut our resources in the most professional manner we know how; it hasn’t been easy. Losing information resources – especially those that are heavily used – is painful for librarians. We regularly ask each other how our students and faculty are going to continue to do quality work here at the University without the resources that we can no longer afford.

Nevertheless, we had to make the cuts. We had to reassess our collection and make cuts to our article database subscriptions, our journal holdings, our book budget, and other operating expenses in order to accommodate our severe budgetary situation.

In addition to cutting 130 print and online journal subscriptions, the database information resources that have been or will be cut due to the budgetary restraints are the following:

July 1, 2013: --America: History & Life
--Criminal Justice Abstracts
--Historical Abstracts
--New York Times, Historical
August 1, 2013: --Book Review Digest
October 1, 2013: --Europa Yearbook
December 31, 2013: --Bio One
--Education Full Text
January 31, 2014: --Books in Print Online

Thanks to the one-time flood-impact legislative appropriation for FY2013, the Library has been able to save two databases that were on the brink of being cut, but whose licenses had not yet expired. These databases are:


--Books In Print Online


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