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Web Development: Goals & Projects

Items in gray have been completed.

Short Term Goals & Projects — Work in addition to normal day-to-day work.

  1. Completion of the MSU Web Template migration started in the Fall of 2009.
    • MSU has roughly 120 website of varying sizes & complexity so this project is taking the bulk of my discretionary work time. Project status as of 11/2/2010 [pdf]
  2. Summer 2010 - Migrate all content and accounts on the current web server to the new server
    • A week is currently set aside for this project, as many things will undoubtedly break/need additional work.
  3. Research and test improved video delivery and management platforms as potential upgrades to MSU's current solution. Reducing management complexity, providing a potential future migration path in anticipation of HTML 5, and improved accessibility are the main driving factors. Current candidate(s) are:
  4. Research and test photo management software for public and non-public uses. Current candidate(s) are:
    • Gallery v2.3.1

Long Term Goals & Projects — Long term with no specific ETAs.

  1. Researching and testing server-side CMS options. Current candidate(s) are:
  2. Researching and testing server-side CMS options for individual faculty & staff websites. Current candidate(s) are:
    • None at this time.

Side Projects — Off the clock and no defined ETA.

  1. Digitization of the 79 MSU Year books. This project seeks to deliver an online and offline digital version. The online version will consist of a 150dpi PDF with OCR'd text. This version will be searchable, search engine indexable, mostly screen reader accessible, and be optimized for legibility and download size. The offline version will consist of 350dpi TIF files of the individual pages of each volume, useful for library archiving and future potential conversion projects.

    Primarily this is being done to provide content for MSUs 2013 Website content offerings. The yearbooks hold an unique yearly summary of events at MSU up to 2002 and should prove of interest to all current and past MSU participants.
    • Nine, volumes 71 through 79, have been completed to date. Sample: 1994, Volume 72 [pdf]