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Office of International Programs

University of Newcastle
Semester or Academic Year

Program Dates:
Fall: early July to late November
Spring: mid-February to late June
Academic Year (starting in MSU’s spring term): early February to mid-Novembercampus
Academic Year (starting in MSU’s fall term): early July to mid-June
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The University of Newcastle at Callaghan (the main campus) has one of the best campuses in Australia. Its 350 acres of natural bushland - complete with Australian wildlife - at the city edge provides the quiet environment necessary for successful study. Located 2 hours north of Sydney on the coast of New South Wales, the university offers a perfect combination for an active lifestyle and strong academics. A comprehensive list of subjects is available, and nearly all subject areas are open to study abroad students.

University of Newcastle has been at the forefront in the development of Problem-Based Learning (PBL), both in Australia and internationally. PBL enables students to learn while solving problems that they are likely to come across in their professional lives. PBL has been a marked success for students and with employers, who find that graduates tend to operate in the "real world" much more quickly and more efficiently than graduates who have experienced more traditional approaches to learning.

Program Features:


How to Apply

Application Deadline:
Fall Semester – February 15th
Academic Year (starting in MSU’s fall term) – February 15th
Spring Semester – September 15th
Academic Year (starting in MSU’s spring term) – September 15th

Eligibility: Undergraduates, with sophomore status and at least a 2.5 GPA (cumulative).

Application Procedure:

  • Step 1: Review ISA 's Application Instructions.
  • Step 2: Submit a completed MSU Study Abroad Application to the MSU Office of International Programs by the appropriate deadline listed above.
  • Step 3: Receive letter of acceptance to study abroad through MSU from the MSU Office of International Programs.
  • Step 4: By the appropriate deadline complete an ISA online application, making sure to follow all instructions and program requirements.
  • Step 5: You will receive notification of your final acceptance status from ISA. If admitted, complete the process outlined below along with any other instructions you receive from ISA.

Contact Information: Emma May Education Abroad Programs Assistant

Information for Admitted Students
* Although we make every attempt to keep this information up to date, please defer to information provided to you directly from ISA as the best resource. If there are discrepancies between the protocols listed here (applying for housing, getting registered for courses, etc.) and those told to you by ISA, default to those of ISA. However, health insurance requirements, course equivalencies, credit transfer and grading are determined solely by MSU. ariel view of Newcastle





last updated October 9, 2014