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Office of International Programs

Pai Chai University, South Korea

Pai Chai University (PCU) offers a variety of courses and programs to international students that are taught in English:

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Tourist attraction in Seoul

Located in the heart of the ancient kingdom of BaekJe, Pai Chai University offers hands-on experiences in the Korean culture. International students at PCU share dorm rooms with Korean students to maximize their interaction on and off campus. Pai Chai University is located in Daejeon, a safe city filled with endless opportunities and exposure to a variety of educational and historical sites that enable students to experience the the rich traditional heritage and cultures of Korea.

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Why study in South Korea?
Hospitality and Safety: Koreans are generally eager to learn more about foreign cultures and practices. Korea is also one of the few countries in which you can walk freely on the streets day and night. The crime rate directed towards foreign people is extremely low, so for foreign students, it is a safe and secure country.

Tradition and Culture: Thousands of years of history have produced various types of culture, which have become deep-rooted in current ways of life. You can find cultural assets all over the country, and a renowned Korean scholar once said that the country itself is a museum. Korea has developed its unique culture based on various cultures and religions all over the world including Buddhism, Confucianism, and Christianity.

History in the Making: Korea is located in East Asia and, at the same time, in the center of the Pan-Pacific area. As it is the only divided country in the world, Korea has become important economically, diplomatically, and strategically among China, Russia, Japan and America. At the same time, it is the spot in which a lot of efforts toward peace are focused. Therefore your studying experience in this dynamic scene of world history will help you develop the ability to play an important role as a leader in your country.

Natural Beauty: As Korea’s three sides are bordered by the sea, you can enjoy beautiful scenery of the land and the sea simultaneously. Korea has four distinctive seasons, and you can enjoy the unique natural beauty of each season. Though Korea is not so large, every region has its own unique characteristics. The northeast side has mountains with curious looking rocks, and the southeast part has a lot of plains. With its clean air and water, the natural beauty of Korea will be another pleasure to foreign students.

City of Daejeon, South Korea

Campus Building at PCU