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Office of International Programs

Health Services & Health Insurance

Student Health Center
The Student Health Center is equipped to meet the health care needs of students. Visits to the Staff Physician, Registered Nurse, or Nurse Practitioner and walk-in health assessments are paid for by your student health fee.

Health Insurance and Immunization Requirements
All international students and accompanying dependents are required to enroll in the designated student health services insurance policy.

Additionally, the State of North Dakota requires students to show proof of immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella. A record of tetanus/diphtheria, hepatitis B, and tuberculosis immunizations also is recommended. For more information, review the immunization section of the Student Health Center website.

Health Insurance Requirement
Canadian students are not required to purchase the International Student Insurance Policy required by the North Dakota University System. However, it is critical that you maintain medical coverage while studying in the United States.

After paying the health care premium to MSU, you can create an account, or access your insurance card,
via the United Health Care website:

Provincial Insurance
Each province offers "out of province" coverage. You are responsible for having the proper documents signed and submitted to the province prior to the start of each year. Check your provincial requirements, download any necessary forms and send them to the Office of International Programs to be signed. The province may only need a verification of enrollment. If no form is specified, contact the province with questions regarding their specific requirements.

Private Insurance Coverage
If you or your parents are covered by a private health insurance provider, check with that company to verify that coverage will continue while you are out of province for the purpose of education. There may be required forms to be signed and submitted, or they may require a Verification of Enrollment from Minot State University.

MSU cannot provide recommendations regarding specific insurance providers. However, the North Dakota University System does have a relationship with Blue Cross Blue Shield to offer a student health plan for students studying in North Dakota.

While your provincial coverage will cover some of the medical costs incurred in the US, the cost of emergency services can be substantial. If you are interested in purchasing a student health insurance policy, contact the Minot State University Student Health Center at 701-858-3371 for more information.


last updated August 6, 2014