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Office of International Programs

MSU International Students

What is the International Friendship Program?
The International Friendship Program is a support service managed by the Office of International Programs that will connect Minot community members and International students. The goal of the International Friendship Program is to allow international students to get in touch with Minot citizens and the community. Through dinners, holiday activities, and everyday family events, students learn about American customs and experience U.S. family life.

Students are asked to meet with their International friend at least 2 times each semester, in addition to attending an orientation at the start of the program. You can also invite your friend to participate in activities planned on campus, allowing the relationship to deepen. In this way, the International Friendship Program is a great opportunity for International Students and Minot community members.

How can you become involved in the International Friendship Program?
The success of this program depends on the commitment and participation of students and the community, and we hope that you will seriously consider this exciting opportunity. If you are interested in participation, please complete an International Friendship Program Application and return it to the Office of International Programs.

Once you have completed the International Friendship Application Form, the information you submit will be reviewed and a reply sent as soon as possible with additional information regarding the matching process. After the matching process is completed participants will be invited to attend an orientation meeting.