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Institutional Research

NDUS Accountability Reports

The North Dakota University System (NDUS) provides annual Accountability Measure Reports to each of the 11 institutions. The data provided is a valuable tool in demonstrating the University System's achievements while meeting expectations set forth by the State Board of Higher Education.

The data available within the NDUS Accountability Measures Report is listed below, to access the 2010 Accountability Measures Report visit

Entrepreneurship Program - Enrollment and Graduates
Student Graduation and Retention Rates
Performance on Nationally Recognized Exams
First Time Licensure Pass Rates
Student Reported Satisfaction
Alumni Reported Satisfaction
Employer Reported Satisfaction
Non- Completers Satisfaction
Levels and Trends of Student Goals
Non Traditional Delivery Methods
Tuition and Fees Compared to the Regional Average
Tuition and Fees Compared to Household Income
Enrollment Numbers and Trends
Student Participation and Trends
Net Assets Available for Debt Service
State and General Fund Appropriations
Cost Per Student and Percentage of Distribution by Major Function
Operating and Contributed Income Ratio
Primary Reserve Ratio
Net Income Margin