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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Lines of Responsibility for Animal Welfare

  1. The CEO (the President) of Minot State University appoints the Institutional Official (IO).
  2. The IO appoints the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and has authority to allocate organizational resources needed to maintain a smoothly functioning animal care and use program based on the recommendations and advice received from the IACUC, the veterinarian, and the IACUC staff.
  3. The IACUC reports directly to the IO, through the IACUC Chair, and performs its duties without undue interference. The IACUC Chair is appointed by the IO.
  4. The veterinarian who is also a member of IACUC also reports directly to the IO in connection with his or her responsibility for implementing the animal care and use program.
  5. The IACUC office consists of staff to provide administrative support to the IACUC and the IO.
  6. Other IACUC members will include a scientist, a non-scientist, and a person unaffiliated with the university and its animal care program. The IACUC will consist of a minimum of 5 voting members.
  7. Investigators will submit animal use proposals to the IACUC who will review and approve or disapprove in accordance with the PHS Policy, the Guide, and the Animal Welfare Regulations (AWR).