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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee


The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of Minot State University over-sees animal research undertaken by faculty and students to ensure that animals used in research are treated humanely. The IACUC is committed to facilitating meaningful scientific research through the use of laboratory animals. All research, testing, and teaching projects involving the use of live vertebrate animals must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC prior to the beginning of the research. The IACUC shares with the researcher the responsibility for the ethical decisions made regarding the care and use of animals. The IACUC engages in ongoing reviews of research protocols and facilities at semi-annual meetings.

IACUC members:
    • Heidi Super
    • Christopher Beachy
    • Alexandra Deufel, Chair
    • Christopher Keller
    • Ron Martin
    • Ron Thunshelle, DVM
    • Bill Harbort

Institutional Official for IACUC: Linda Cresap, Dean of the Graduate School and Research and Sponsored Programs

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