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Graduate School

Master of Music Education

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The master of Music Education (MME) is designed for teachers of elementary and secondary music or for persons who have completed teacher preparation programs in music. The program offers candidates the opportunity:

  1. to further develop their knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of music and the teaching of music;
  2. to study and research teaching techniques which will enrich and stimulate their growth as music educators;
  3. to develop a greater collegiality with, and an awareness of, the music education profession as well as the various constituents and philosophies it represents.

The MME, while designed to enhance the continuing education of music educators, is also structured to prepare students to continue their graduate studies beyond the level of the masterís degree. It consists of three primary components: (1) Major Area (Music Education), (2) Other Studies (Music and Professional Education), and, (3) Electives.

The Major Area component involves the study and research of music education from the historical, philosophical, sociological, and functional perspectives. The culmination of this area is the final research project.

The Other Studies component is divided into two sections: (A) Music Courses, which includes the study of advanced theoretical and analytical techniques, the study of the music history and literature, and world music, (B) Professional Education Courses, which students may apply to their programs of study.

The Elective component is designed to allow the student some latitude in selecting particular courses of interest as a part of his/her program of study. All choices in this area are subject to the availability of scheduling and the approval of the studentís graduate committee.

Mission, Goals and Student Learning Outcomes
To provide a breadth of competence with a broad range of knowledge, skills, and perspectives which will advance the practicing music educator as a researcher, scholar, and master teacher.

Goals: The Master of Music Education student continues the development of

  1. Individual talent, interests, and philosophies, used creatively both to preserve and extend cultural heritage.
  2. Scholarly and professional competence in the organization, interpretation, and evaluation of knowledge.
  3. Professional competence in verbal and written communication and dissemination of knowledge.
  4. Individual potential to discover, formulate, and address contemporary issues in various aspects of music, and to define, explore, and address new questions and issues.

Student Learning Outcomes: The Master of Music Education student will

  1. Develop advanced capacities to work independently.
  2. Make effective artistic and intellectual judgments and professional decisions in music education.
  3. Demonstrate professional competence before peers and faculty.
  4. Complete a final project reviewed by more than one faculty member.

Admission Standards

  1. Completion of all admission requirements of the Graduate School at Minot State University.
  2. Completion of a bachelorís degree with a major in Music, Music Education or a program with comparable certification.
  3. Registration for private study requires a pre-program assessment.

*It is recommended that students have at least two years fulltime teaching experience. Students without such experience may be admitted only with the consent of the Music Graduate Committee.

Academic Honesty
Dismissal for academic dishonesty can be appealed. A student who wishes to appeal his/her dismissal should follow the appeal process established by the Graduate School and listed in this catalog under Graduate School Policies and Regulations.

Course of Study

Required Courses
   MUS 501 Introduction to Graduate Study and
      Music Education Research                             3 SH
   MUS 510 Musical Style and Performance                   3 SH
   MUS 515 Techniques of Musical Analysis                  3 SH
   MUS 520 Critical Issues in Music Education              3 SH
   MUS 530 Curriculum Development for the Music Classroom  3 SH
   MUS 535 Technology in the Music Classroom               3 SH
   MUS 540 Perspectives in World Music                     3 SH
Choose one (1) of the following final Projects
   MUS 598 Lecture/Demonstration Recital                   2 SH
   MUS 599 Research Paper/ Independent Project             2 SH
Choose seven (7) semester hours from the following
   MUS 590 Music Education Seminar*                      1-3 SH
   MUS 597 Independent Study*                            1-3 SH
   MUS 525 Private Piano*                                1-3 SH
   MUS 526 Private Voice*                                1-3 SH
   MUS 527 Private Strings*                              1-3 SH
   MUS 528 Private Brass*                                1-3 SH
   MUS 529 Private Woodwinds*                            1-3 SH
   PSY 503 Statistics                                      3 SH

*Approved elective credits repeatable;
departmental approval required.

Minimum Total Graduate Program Credits Required           30 SH