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Graduate School

Master in Arts in Teaching: Science

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The Master of Arts in Teaching: Science degree is designed for experienced secondary school science teachers or individuals who have completed a program of teacher preparation in one of the science disciplines. The program offers candidates the opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of science, the relationships among the science disciplines, and the teaching and learning of science, which will enable them to enrich the classes they teach now or will teach in the future.

The program is designed to extend and complement undergraduate training in science for teachers. The primary objectives of the program within this framework are that all students will:

The graduate science courses developed for this program are designed specifically for in-service secondary science teachers. The program is not intended as a step toward a Ph.D. in a science discipline. Rather, it extends and substantially enriches undergraduate science teacher preparation, enables teachers to meet licensure or accreditation standards for highly qualified status, and leads to a fundamentally new level of competence in science.

Basic Admission Standards

  1. Completion of all admission requirements for graduate study at Minot State University.
  2. Must have an undergraduate degree in one the Science disciplines.
  3. Hold teacher certification in science.
  4. Must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.00 (on a 4 point scale) or higher. Students with a GPA below 3.00 may be accepted if it is the opinion of the science graduate faculty that the lower GPA does not reflect the student's true ability.

Academic Honesty Appeal Policy
The following forms of academic dishonesty will automatically result in failure in all involved courses and suspension from the program.

Graduate Advisory Committee
Each MAT: Science degree candidate will form a Graduate Advisory Committee by the second summer of course work. This committee will then work with the candidate to formulate the student's program of study. This plan must be filed with the Graduate School before the student completes eight (8) semester hours of course work. Programs of Study

A thesis will be required of all candidates. The student is required to make a public presentation of findings, conclusions, and meanings of those findings and conclusions. The Thesis Defense is a separate process (that can be scheduled in conjunction with the public presentation) at which the student defends the findings and conclusions before his/her Graduate Advisory Committee.

Required Courses:
I. Fundamental Core: Required of All Students                   (13-15 SH)
   SCI 501 Research Methods                                          3 SH
   Elect one of the following                                        3 SH
      PSY 503 Statistics
      MATH 523 Probability and Statistics
   SCI 505 Biogeochemical Cycles                                     3 SH
   ED 519 Diversity in a Global Perspective                          3 SH
   SCI 579 Research                                                0-2 SH
   SCI 599 Thesis                                                    2 SH

II. Science Area Concentration                                     (17 SH Minimum)
   No more than 6 SH may be Independent Study (597, any prefix).
   Any of the graduate courses offered at Minot State may be
   considered if the student's Graduate Advisory Committee
   feels the course work is consistent with the student's overall
   degree plan, job responsibilities and interests.

BIOL 520 Advanced Developmental Biology                              3 SH
BIOL 530 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology                               3 SH
BIOL 550 Ecology of Great Plains                                     3 SH
BIOL 570 Frontiers in Biology                                        3 SH
BIOL 590 Seminar                                                   1-6 SH
BIOL 592 Special Topics                                            1-6 SH
BIOL 597 Independent Study                                         1-6 SH
CHEM 510 Organic Chemistry for Teachers                              3 SH
CHEM 520 Physical Chemistry for Teachers                             3 SH
CHEM 550 Inorganic Chemistry for Teachers                            3 SH
CHEM 570 Frontiers in Chemistry                                      3 SH
CHEM 590 Seminar                                                   1-6 SH
CHEM 592 Special Topics                                            1-6 SH
CHEM 597 Independent Study                                         1-6 SH
GEOL 510 Advanced Physical Geology                                   3 SH
GEOL 520 Advanced Historical Geology                                 3 SH
GEOL 550 Advanced Mineralogy and Petrology                           3 SH
GEOL 570 Global Plate Tectonics                                      3 SH
GEOL 590 Seminar                                                   1-6 SH
GEOL 592 Special Topics                                            1-6 SH
GEOL 597 Independent Study                                         1-6 SH
PHYS 590 Seminar                                                   1-6 SH
PHYS 592 Special Topics                                            1-6 SH
PHYS 597 Independent Study                                         1-6 SH
SCI 590 Seminar                                                    1-6 SH
SCI 592 Special Topics                                             1-6 SH
SCI 597 Independent Study                                          1-6 SH

Minimum Total Graduate Credits Required                             30 SH